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tree stump (533x800)

Hanah and tree stump (800x533)

lifting top (800x533) (2)

lifting top (800x533)

moving tree top (533x800)

moving tree top2 (800x533)

over the back (800x533)

problems (800x533)

top coming in (800x533)

top coming in 2 (800x533)

top inside (800x533)

top over  (800x533)

tree in (800x533)

Malvern Garden 29

Malvern Garden 15

Malvern Garden 8

Converting a chemical pool into a natural swimming pool
024 (800x533)

We took down the building first, no small task and sold all the windows, roof and doors. All the wood is being recycled.

pool take down (800x533) taking building down (2) (800x533)

Straight away this let the light in……. the garden is west facing and the building had blocked the light.

before (2) (800x533)

Here is the garden without the building and here is my brother and we couldn’t have done it without his help!

before 2 (2) (800x533)

Then we needed to bash down one side of the pool wall, you will see why later..

the mess (800x533)

mud (2) (800x533)

Marking out the regeneration area, this is where the plants go and they clean the water instead of the chemicals.

Regen laid out (2) (800x533)       Regen 2 (2) (800x533)

pool painted (2) (800x533)The pool filling up and the tank repainted

IMG_2643 (800x533)IMG_2644 (800x533)

IMG_2641 (800x533) The pool now (800x533)

Not quite finished but getting there, we have had a few swims this summer and I have to say its amazing, full of wildlife

and gorgeous to swim in unpolluted water.