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The EGG 2019 we were the Eco, Green and Growing feature at Malvern Spring Festival 2019.

It was a great success.


Here I am with the wonderful Nina who heads up the show. WE had an amazing festival tent with talks on all things Eco and they were very well attended. Mike and Ally Craigan played music throughout the show.

“Hanging braskets” were a very popular feature, provided by Jackie Careless from Eco Birmingham and Allen’s Cross community project. This is what The EGG is all about, promoting those amazing community projects out there who are helping people, enhancing lives and growing food. We had children’s workshops and a visit from Raymond Blanc “Enchante”

Oh Gosh so many people to thank: Ian Criagan for the amazing way he ran the whole stage, The Farming Sisters, Amanda Raynor, Hanley Community Orchards, Malvern Repair Cafe, Jackie again and her team, Dr Andy Jarvis, all our speakers and guests and the musicians on Sunday afternoon. WE loved every minute of it…………











Building The Journey Garden in 2015. The ‘Angel Tree’ by Matthew Sanderson sculpture is now permanently installed at St. Michaels Hospice, Hereford.

Here is the wife of a patient’s experience of the garden and the tree. What an honour to have been involved.

Our gardens are a source of peace and tranquillity to many.
Caroline Everett, whose husband is currently staying with us, has found solace under the award-winning ‘St Michael’s Hospice wings’ sculpture (officially called The Angel Tree) designed by Matthew Lane Sanderson which represents the Hospice as a place where people can find sanctuary during difficult times.
‘I just feel so safe under there,’ says Caroline. ‘It protects me from the sun and the rain, and when I feel upset it protects me from those feelings. I just feel I can wrap myself up in it.
‘Most of all though, it just reflects the calm you feel when entering St Michael’s.’

Hanah and tree stump (800x533)

lifting top (800x533) (2)

lifting top (800x533)

moving tree top (533x800)

moving tree top2 (800x533)

over the back (800x533)

problems (800x533)

top coming in (800x533)

top coming in 2 (800x533)

top inside (800x533)

top over (800x533)

tree in (800x533)

Malvern Garden 29

Malvern Garden 15

Malvern Garden 8

Converting a chemical pool into a natural swimming pool
024 (800x533)

We took down the building first, no small task and sold all the windows, roof and doors. All the wood is being recycled.

pool take down (800x533) taking building down (2) (800x533)

Straight away this let the light in……. the garden is west facing and the building had blocked the light.

before (2) (800x533)

Here is the garden without the building and here is my brother and we couldn’t have done it without his help!

before 2 (2) (800x533)

Then we needed to bash down one side of the pool wall, you will see why later..

the mess (800x533)

mud (2) (800x533)

Marking out the regeneration area, this is where the plants go and they clean the water instead of the chemicals.

Regen laid out (2) (800x533)       Regen 2 (2) (800x533)

pool painted (2) (800x533)The pool filling up and the tank repainted

IMG_2643 (800x533)IMG_2644 (800x533)

IMG_2641 (800x533) The pool now (800x533)

Not quite finished but getting there, we have had a few swims this summer and I have to say its amazing, full of wildlife

and gorgeous to swim in unpolluted water.