The Journey Garden for St Michael’s Hospice
Malvern Show 2015
Exhibited at RHS Malvern, this garden shows a journey, a journey through the elements of the St. Michael’s hospice landscape and a personal journey in times of illness and loss. The main sculpture is The Angel Tree representing the sanctuary of care offered by the hospice, with its canopy of shelter and refuge for patients.
The curved path tells of a person’s journey, the materials used to create the path and tree are recycled from the old hospice building and interspersed with locally sourced chestnut. This is intended to represent rejuvenation, as the new eco building goes up at the hospice and the old building is refurbished.
The plants chosen show how the new gardens created at the hospice will increase biodiversity, attract bees and butterflies and have aromatic scent for therapeutic benefits. The no grass lawn can be lain on, the lavender brushed against when walking down the path. After the show, this entire garden will be rebuilt at St. Michael’s for patients and staff to enjoy.
We won a silver gilt medal, special thanks to Matt and all the team who helped create the wonderful garden.