Steve and Maggie contacted me about their garden in Hanbury, Worcestershire. They had done all the work on the house but did not like the garden and couldn’t envisage how to change it. Their style in the house was very modern and the garden needed to reflect this, they were particularly keen on having an area to cook and eat outside. The garden is quite small and forms an L-shape around the house, this gave me an interesting space to design. The summerhouse was going to be an important feature, along with an outdoor kitchen area, pizza oven and space for growing fruit and vegetables. We managed to achieve all this, and growing food has become a passion of Steve’s, especially San Marzano tomatoes and herbs for the pizzas.

Although the design is very modern with clean, sharp lines I was very keen to get plenty of soft, exuberant planting in as well, using grasses and perennials to keep a modern look but still make it a garden which is good for wildlife. I used the ornamental grass Panicum virgatum ‘Rehbraun’ with its soft panicles and autumn colour along with Vebena bonariensis and Aster × frikartii ‘Mönch’. The planting fills the beds and spills onto the paving.

This really is an outdoor room for the clients and along with the summerhouse it is used almost all year.

Thank you to Jeff Annand for the landscaping work.